Wednesday, May 31, 2017

On Monday evening I ended up getting a headache again, so I took the pills they sent home with me just in case. They worked great!! It took the headache away and it never came back. The next day I met with my friend AJ who is also a patient here, his mom is working on a documentary about the stem cell institute. She asked if I would like to be a part of it! She told me Texas is very close to approving the use of stem cells and that this documentary could be the extra push to finally make this happen! It would be so incredible to have a stem cell institute in Texas, since a lot of people are cautious of going out of the country for medical treatments. I can't imagine how many more people would feel more comfortable and finally decide to get the treatment they need since they won't have to worry about travelling to another country!

After our camera interviews and everything we all decided to have dinner at a nice place in the hotel, where we could sit outside near the pool and the weather was so nice.

I also had my first injections of bone marrow stem cells today, which the dr told me the headaches and pain should be less since its my own body's cells. I still have one more pill just in case though! Only one more injection and one more IV to go on Friday then I am all finished! I will be sad to leave all the great people I am getting to know but I am really looking forward to going home!

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  1. That would be amazing if Texas approves this treatment!