Monday, May 22, 2017

First visit to the Stem Cell Institute was this morning! Love the new location they have moved it to, the views are amazing!!

Filled out all the forms and had my blood work done. I have my bone marrow extraction tomorrow morning, and then my first stem cell injection on Wednesday.

We were lucky to find a small shop nearby so we stocked up on snacks and water. It was just a few minute walk away from the hotel so we will be making many trips here!

The hotel also has complementary breakfast each morning and it was pretty good! Lots to choose from also. Only complaint is that the sausages taste just like hotdogs which I hate haha!!


  1. Hey Josh, Glad to hear you made the second half of the trip to Panama and see your digs for your stay. Very nice! Maybe the hotel would have one of those mini fridge's if you ask for one. Most hotel will provide them complimentary for food or medicine.

  2. Haha you must not like pork hotdogs. Try beef. I'm dying over here. 😂😂