Friday, May 26, 2017

I had a very bad headache and back pain after my first injection, have been laying in bed and trying to sleep the last 2 days. The dr suggested to drink a cold milkshake right after the injections and that may help, he also gave me a prescription for some medication to help with the headache and pain if it happens again after my second injection today.

I also had a physical therapy session today but I was hurting too much so we just did lots of stretching and then he hooked my legs up to the electric stimulator to work the muscles that way instead. I just got back to my room from the second injection so let's hope I don't feel as bad after this one!

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  1. Sorry about the pain Josh. :( But it sounds like a good sign that the stem cells are returning so much feeling and making connections to the neurons. Hopefully the shots get easier as they go. Just think about how much it must have hurt for Migi to eat Shinichi's arm, but how much stronger Shinichi got because of it! :)