Monday, May 29, 2017

This weekend was pretty rough! Terrible headaches and back pain from Friday's injection. By Sunday evening I was finally feeling a better so we decided to wander around the hotel again. We went to the casino since all guests receive a $10 credit to play with. I chose a random machine, and won $63!! We took the winnings and decided to treat ourselves to a nice meal :) I ordered the seafood pizza which was VERY yummy! Still have some of the winnings left over so I think I may go back to get that pizza again before I leave haha!

I informed the docs about my severe headaches and pain from the last injection, so before the one today they gave me fluids with pain medication through IV. It was a big bag, took a long time for it all to go in! I just got back to my room, it has been almost 3 hours since the stem cell injection and no sign of a headache yet! I am really hoping it stays that way haha! I also received oral pain meds to take later on if needed so I should be okay. I cant believe this trip is already half over, it has gone by fast this time! Looking forward to seeing everyone back home and watching the improvements happen!

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  1. Sorry to hear you was not feeling that great. Congrats on winnings and that pizza sounds good. :) you are almost done Josh ... A friend of mine got picked to work with Lady Gaga in her new film. Will tell you more about it when you get home. Love you my friend. And so proud of you 💪💂❤