Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Had my bone marrow extraction this morning. Some of my own stem cells were harvested and I will be receiving them next week. They gave me anesthesia so it was like I slept right through it!

Afterwards I went back to the room to sleep for a few hours. We then wandered around the hotel a bit more. The gym looks really nice, I will for sure use it on the days I don't have physical therapy!

There are some really nice outdoor pool areas and restaurants here too! One place even has a seafood pizza! SO yummy :)

I will have my first injection tomorrow, I am nervous because I have more feeling in my back now since the first treatment, so I am sure the needles will hurt more! :( I am very happy that the same doctor I had giving me the injections last time is still here, she was amazing and makes the process so much less frightening!


  1. Hey Josh Glad you made it safely. Good Luck and happy to hear you have the same amazing doctor treating you. Tell your dad I said hello. Mark Anthony

  2. Hey Josh, Your strength, your endurance, and your determination are off the chart. Hoping it wasn't to painful today and you are able to rest well while this incredible treatment continues your improvement!!
    Many many thoughts and prayers all coming your way...Thank You for sharing this difficult yet amazing journey.

  3. Good luck today on the first injection. I'm sure you'll love all the shrimps on the pizza. Lol