Wednesday, October 17, 2018

New improvement update! I have been getting localized cold treatments for a few weeks now, at first I could not feel the cold at all, it just felt like air blowing on my ankle. Now I feel an interesting tingle sensation so I think the nerves might be starting to wake up! It was not just a one time thing thankfully, the past 3 times I have felt this :)

I am also doing cryo therapy which cools my whole body down to super low temperature, so hopefully more results for my right leg will follow.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Update, one year after second treatment: Legs are a lot stronger and getting bigger! A little bit more range of motion and sensation in the right leg, still have trouble moving the ankle though. Standing, balance, and endurance has improved very much, I can walk longer distances faster without getting as tired. At the gym I can even use the leg press on my own now, my right foot doesn't slip off on its own anymore so I have more control in that leg now. A few months ago I was not able to push it at all, now I can do it and even add a little weight onto it. Still practicing with the cane and hoping to lose the crutches for good haha. Working hard every day still and hoping for more improvements :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

More progress updates: Lots of improvements over the last few months!

More range of motion and strength has returned in the bad leg, I have even been able to add more weight on some of the leg machines. I've also noticed the size of my legs, they are finally getting a bit bigger!

I am getting more feeling returned, in my left leg I can feel hot and cold in more areas now, and my pain sensation is returning as well. I was getting acupuncture for many months, and during my last few treatments I could feel some of the needles for the first time! I could even feel a fly on that leg about a week ago so that's a very good sign. I've also noticed some knee pain so I've been wearing a knee brace to help. I'm wondering how long my knee has been hurting, since I only notice it now that I have more feeling returned.

I have also been using the cane as much as possible for short distances now that I'm able to use it, since the crutches use so much of my upper body to help. This should get my legs stronger even faster since I'm relying less on my upper body. I always keep it with me in the car now so if I'm going somewhere short distance, I can use it.

I still can't move my ankle yet which is the main thing keeping me back, but I can actually move it slightly when laying down now and can move the toes a lot easier so just a matter of time!

Friday, October 20, 2017

New improvements from the second stem cell treatment: I can move my toes 10 times easier now, used to have to focus all my energy to just move them a little bit! Hopefully the ankle will be next! I can also reach down to pick things up from the floor now without losing balance or falling, so my core muscles and leg strength have improved as well 👍 The leg is warmer all the time now and not so cold, so better circulation as well. I still have until December to see more improvements so I'm very hopeful!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

I have gotten a lot more core strength and balance, I feel very stable now, like I won't ever fall again! I can even almost bend down to pick things up from the floor now! In physical therapy I used to fall over just by a finger pushing against me if I was not holding onto anything.