Monday, July 24, 2017

Starting to notice some improvements already from the second treatment! I can now move my right knee side to side while laying down against gravity, without it falling over to one side or using my hands to help :)

I am looking forward to seeing what improves next :)

Friday, June 2, 2017

No more headaches! I have been feeling great since the last injection, not even any back pain! Yesterday I got together with everyone and continued filming a lot more footage for the stem cell documentary. My pals AJ and Kyle who I met here are also going through the treatment and are a part of the documentary as well. We all went to the gym to workout together and then after the filming we had dinner. I can't believe there's a Buffalo Wild Wings right next to the hotel!! One of my all time favorite places to eat, and they happened to have one here and within walking distance!!

Today I had my final visit to the Stem Cell Institute. Got my last spinal injection and IV infusion, as well as my final medical evaluation and discharge recommendations. It's very exciting to see that I received even more stem cells this time in 2 weeks, than last time I was here for a month!

I am so relieved all the injections are over with and I get to go home tomorrow! The hard part is just beginning though, the next 6 months will be a lot of work everyday but improvements could happen at any time! I will continue to post on here each time I notice a new change. I am very thankful I had the opportunity to return for a second treatment, and have a lot of hope for the future :)

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

On Monday evening I ended up getting a headache again, so I took the pills they sent home with me just in case. They worked great!! It took the headache away and it never came back. The next day I met with my friend AJ who is also a patient here, his mom is working on a documentary about the stem cell institute. She asked if I would like to be a part of it! She told me Texas is very close to approving the use of stem cells and that this documentary could be the extra push to finally make this happen! It would be so incredible to have a stem cell institute in Texas, since a lot of people are cautious of going out of the country for medical treatments. I can't imagine how many more people would feel more comfortable and finally decide to get the treatment they need since they won't have to worry about travelling to another country!

After our camera interviews and everything we all decided to have dinner at a nice place in the hotel, where we could sit outside near the pool and the weather was so nice.

I also had my first injections of bone marrow stem cells today, which the dr told me the headaches and pain should be less since its my own body's cells. I still have one more pill just in case though! Only one more injection and one more IV to go on Friday then I am all finished! I will be sad to leave all the great people I am getting to know but I am really looking forward to going home!

Monday, May 29, 2017

This weekend was pretty rough! Terrible headaches and back pain from Friday's injection. By Sunday evening I was finally feeling a better so we decided to wander around the hotel again. We went to the casino since all guests receive a $10 credit to play with. I chose a random machine, and won $63!! We took the winnings and decided to treat ourselves to a nice meal :) I ordered the seafood pizza which was VERY yummy! Still have some of the winnings left over so I think I may go back to get that pizza again before I leave haha!

I informed the docs about my severe headaches and pain from the last injection, so before the one today they gave me fluids with pain medication through IV. It was a big bag, took a long time for it all to go in! I just got back to my room, it has been almost 3 hours since the stem cell injection and no sign of a headache yet! I am really hoping it stays that way haha! I also received oral pain meds to take later on if needed so I should be okay. I cant believe this trip is already half over, it has gone by fast this time! Looking forward to seeing everyone back home and watching the improvements happen!

Friday, May 26, 2017

I had a very bad headache and back pain after my first injection, have been laying in bed and trying to sleep the last 2 days. The dr suggested to drink a cold milkshake right after the injections and that may help, he also gave me a prescription for some medication to help with the headache and pain if it happens again after my second injection today.

I also had a physical therapy session today but I was hurting too much so we just did lots of stretching and then he hooked my legs up to the electric stimulator to work the muscles that way instead. I just got back to my room from the second injection so let's hope I don't feel as bad after this one!