Friday, June 2, 2017

No more headaches! I have been feeling great since the last injection, not even any back pain! Yesterday I got together with everyone and continued filming a lot more footage for the stem cell documentary. My pals AJ and Kyle who I met here are also going through the treatment and are a part of the documentary as well. We all went to the gym to workout together and then after the filming we had dinner. I can't believe there's a Buffalo Wild Wings right next to the hotel!! One of my all time favorite places to eat, and they happened to have one here and within walking distance!!

Today I had my final visit to the Stem Cell Institute. Got my last spinal injection and IV infusion, as well as my final medical evaluation and discharge recommendations. It's very exciting to see that I received even more stem cells this time in 2 weeks, than last time I was here for a month!

I am so relieved all the injections are over with and I get to go home tomorrow! The hard part is just beginning though, the next 6 months will be a lot of work everyday but improvements could happen at any time! I will continue to post on here each time I notice a new change. I am very thankful I had the opportunity to return for a second treatment, and have a lot of hope for the future :)


  1. WOW i hope this works or helps some a t10 para from a motorcycle accident in 06 ...i can move mt toes a 1/4 inch...i have so much pain and spasticy my legs are huge ...the pain is so bad i had a baclofen pump put in my side to pump the medicine straight to my spinal cord....i pray it works for all us paraplegics...

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