Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Great day today! My legs felt stronger than usual, I used the treadmill today at therapy and increased from 4 sets of walking for 4 minutes at 1.7mph, to 4 and a half minutes per set. Im going to push for 5 minutes next time!

And my crutches finally arrived, my physical therapist ordered them for me and I will get to borrow them for the next 2 weeks! It will be very nice to walk around a lot more now and to give my legs that extra little workout each day.

I had another injection today and I felt the pain again like I did on Monday, which means I AM getting more feeling back already!!! I am SO excited about this, but also now I am not looking forward to getting 4 more painful injections! I only have a week and a half left here and can't wait to come home!

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