Friday, July 10, 2015

I MADE IT TO THE END!! I am both happy and sad to say that this journey is over and I will return home tomorrow! No more needles but I sure will miss all the amazing friends I have made here with all my heart! They made this experience enjoyable even through all the injections and headaches. Biggest thank you to my dad who has been so amazing to join me on this trip and help me out with everything. I am really lucky to have such an amazing dad. Thank you to my personal trainer Arnaldo for being an awesome pal at the gym, helping to push me to my limits and playing all that Gaga for me during our sessions haha!

Thank you to the doctors and staff at the Stem Cell Institute for making me feel so comfortable and loved! It REALLY makes a difference how scary and painful medical experiences can be when you have the right people! I will miss you all and keep you updated on my progress!!

My last day consisted of a physical therapy session and then over to the clinic for my last spinal injection and IV. Afterwards I was given a survey to fill out and got the results of my blood work, which everything was fine except my vitamin D is low. Then we did my video interview and I received 2 bottles of Stem Kine supplement. I am happy to say I had no headache after Wednesday's injection of the bone marrow stem cells so tomorrow I should feel fine during my all day journey home!

Thank you again to everyone who has followed my progress and supported me! Thank you to everyone who has kept in touch with me when my internet was working haha. I am very lucky to have been able to have the opportunity to get this done finally, and am looking forward to seeing the results!! I will keep posting on here when I notice new things, so keep an eye out! Love you all!


  1. Can't wait to hear about all your adventures!!!! Looking forward to working on you and seeing if I see any difference!!! BIG HUGS and safe trip

    1. Thank you! And thanks for being there to greet me when I got off the plane that was awesome!