Monday, July 6, 2015

I finally made it to my last week!! Over the weekend I was lucky enough to actually see some fireworks on the 4th, I had no idea they did that over here! And I also noticed another change, the last 4 and a half years my right ankle spasms in a way that it would bounce up and down rapidly when I pushed my foot on the ground or if my foot was being pushed against. The last few days this spasm has stopped! This is an exciting sign for me because I remember my left foot would also do the same thing right after my injury, and after the spasms finally went away I was able to move my foot a lot better! So I am very excited to see if the same is true this time around!

My legs felt strong today so I got a good 10 minutes in on the treadmill followed up by various leg exercises. My dad and I have been documenting all of exercises, weights, etc so that when I return home I can continue this at the gym each day. It feels like I am only making minor progress with the workouts, but that is due to my legs being way more fatigued from the constant spinal injections, which sometimes cause me headaches, back pain, and/or weakness. Even with all of the obstacles I am still increasing in weights, so I am super excited to see my increases over the next few months when I am able to train at my maximum and the stem cells are working their magic!

I had another spinal injection today and once again felt the pain very much! I also felt the cold a LOT more today when my back was being prepped. I still cannot feel temperature on my legs yet, but it looks like I am really gaining a lot of sensation in my lower back that I did not have before the treatments! Only 2 more spinal injections and 2 more IV infusions and I am all DONE!!

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