Thursday, July 9, 2015

Internet keeps going in and out today, so I will just give a quick update before it goes out again. Had a good physical therapy session this morning and I have started packing up my things just in case I have a headache after tomorrow's inject and don't feel like packing! I am so happy tomorrow is my last day! No more needles! I have a very long day of flying on Saturday and then I will be HOME! I am very homesick and really looking forward to seeing everyone! I am also sad that tomorrow is my last day because I have to say goodbye to so many amazing people here!! We be keeping in contact though and they will be able to see my progress online at least :) Thank you to everyone who has kept in touch with me during the first few weeks when the internet was working, it really helped the time go by!


  1. Josh! I'm excited to see how much more you will progress even after you get back. Sounds like you've been doing great there! Are the men there beautiful? Hah. Anyways i'm looking forward to meeting with you eventually when you get back! Much love!


    1. I am SO excited too!! And yes we will get together soon! :)