Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Some bad news, the internet seems to be acting up here at the condo. My phone won't connect to the wifi at all, and the laptop loses the wifi signal every once in a while. Hopefully it will not interfere with my postings but I will try my best! I had a very good workout today, my legs were very tired but I still managed to get some good reps in! Also focused on upper body today, I am moving up in weight!

Right after we got back home from the gym, a huge storm hit! It was super loud and intense, and was a bit scary since we are all the way up on the 15th floor!! It lasted for a few hours before it died down.

I have my next injection tomorrow and hopefully I won't have a headache afterwards! My head was fine after yesterday's injection so lets hope for the same! I will also be looking out to see if the pain of the needle is as intense as it was yesterday, if so then I really may be getting feeling back already! :)

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