Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I had my bone marrow extraction procedure this morning! The worst part about the whole thing was getting the IV in haha! I was very comfortable the entire time and didn't feel anything. I had to strip down and get into my gown and they set me up on the bed face down with pillows and blankets it was very cozy! I received antibiotics through my IV and was then wheeled into the operating room. They then took my vital signs and gave me the anesthesia and before I knew it I was awake and it was all over! They gave my pain medication also so I was in no pain after I awoke and still feel good a few hours since then.

The doctors will use the extracted bone marrow from my hip to harvest autologous mesenchymal and CD34+ stem cells. These will then be injected into my spinal during my final week of treatment. I have no physical therapy today so I am going to use this day to rest up from my procedure and will be back in action tomorrow! :)

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  1. Awesome that the extraction surgery was easy and painless. :) Those sound like the cells they will use to induce pluripotency. They may be the most effective of all the stem cells since they are your cells to begin with. Have a good rest :)