Friday, June 19, 2015

Had my second injection of stem cells into my spine today and there was even less pain than the first time! And only a very minor headache afterwards this time, I barely notice it. In therapy I got to try the electrostimulator which basically works all the muscles out in my legs while I lay down! It works very similar to my Bioness device that helps my right leg for walking around.

Before my injection today we go a chance to visit the local supermarket, which thankfully mostly everything was in english and they had many of the same products as we have in the USA.

I have no visits to the Stem Cell Institute or Biofit center on weekends, so my next post will be on Monday unless I notice any changes! I hope everyone has a great weekend! :)


  1. I'm glad your headaches aren't as bad as before. That electrostimulator looks amazing, perfect device for providing electrical impulses to help those stem cells become nerve and Schwaan cells (the cells that protect the nerves with a myelin sheath). Looks like lots of great choices in that supermarket too, really cool that it's mostly in English. I didn't know globalization made traveling abroad that much easier :)
    Have a great and fun weekend Josh! Maybe I'll see you on League? :)